Plastic bottled water to be prohibited in tourism and health sectors in Kerala. This is the first step towards banning plastic from the entire state. The State Pollution Control Board has given a deadline of six months to remove plastic bottles from resorts,  star hotels, hospitals and houseboats.


Immediate notice will be issued to hotels, resorts, hospitals and houseboats through district offices of Pollution Control Board. It has also suggested that such institutes have to set up their own drinking treatment plant and reverse osmosis plant for safe drinking water along with glass sterilisation units.


Those who violate the ban will have to cough up a fine of Rs 7 lakh or serve up to seven years imprisonment. The board will cancel the license issued by the Board and order the closure of the institution. According to the report by the Pollution Control Board of 2015, 15,000 tonnes of plastic are discharged in the cities of India.