Kerala government decides to help high school girls not to fall in love. To ensure girls don't fall prey to immature ‘love relationships’, the Education Department has plans to create awareness programmes by screening short films and conducting classes in Palakkad district. 


The plan will primarily focus on girl students and will focus on trained counsellors creating awareness among parents with the help of teachers and screen short films that could sensitise children against falling victims to such relationships. 


The project was initiated following a report from District Collector on ‘wooing girls under the pretext of love’. The education department has directed the District Education Office to ensure that this project is implemented in all schools and allow the headmasters with the task. Palakkad District Education Deputy Director has handed over a letter in this respect to all Districts and Sub-District education officers. 


Collector P Marykutty said that there is no timeframe decided upon for the implementation of the scheme. There had been many requests from various corners over this matter, and the project is created with advice from experts.


This awareness programme can help girls stay away from 'false love', so what about boys? Did the Kerala government forget to make awareness programmes for boys? If boys fall into immature love relationships, then who will help them?