Trust Kerala to come up with the most innovative way to protest. The Centre's ban on cattle slaughter has upset the Malayalees, who are taking the fight to the government.

Instead of the usual dharnas and road jams, people in Kerala are coming together irrespective of religion and political leaning to organise beef festivals. At least a dozen, beef festivals are being organised in the state to protest against the beef ban.

Amid the clamour, many who are taking to social media, have found a clipping from a recent Malayalam movie to express what "beef" means for a Malayalee.

Tovino Thomas' latest movie Godha includes a scene that has the lead actor taking jibe the "beef" related policies of the government. The scene in detail explains out the sentiment of a Malayalee attached to the "beef and parotta" combination. 

The video that has now gone viral has Tovino's character Anjaneya Das explaining to his Tamil friend this popular Kerala sentiment. "It's not just food but a feeling," he says, before Tovino describing the process of making beef fry and serving it with parotta. 

Just like that friend, you too will be drooling soon, do watch the video. 

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