Love Jihad: Human Rights Commission to move Supreme Court seeking permission to visit Hadiya

First Published 24, Sep 2017, 7:34 PM IST
Human Rights Commission Supreme Court Hadiya case
  • High Court had annulled the marriage of Akhila aka Hadiya to Shafin Jahan
  • The Human Rights Commission will move Supreme Court seeking permission to visit the girl
  • The Commission wants to check whether there is human rights violation in the case

The State Human Rights Commission has decided to approach the Supreme Court seeking justice in Hadiya case. The Commission would request the court to grant permission to visit the girl, who converted and got married to a Muslim. 

The Commission aims to file a report on the facts of the case amid an allegation that there is human rights violation in the case. The decision was taken after discussions with the Advocate General and standing counsel of the Commission. 

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"We have received complaints that there is a violation of human rights in the case. Women's organisations had approached us stating that the girl had been denied fundamental rights guaranteed by Constitution. We are moving the court to ensure that the social atmosphere in Kerala won't turn bad," Commission chairperson Josephine said. 

The 24-year-old Akhila aka Hadiya is currently residing at her parent's house following High Court order that annulled her marriage. The Supreme Court had ordered NIA probe into the allegation of 'love jihad' in the case on a petition filed by Hadiya's husband, Shafin Jahan. 

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Meanwhile, a 23-year-old girl, who had converted to Islam from Hinduism has returned to her former religion. She said that it was her friends who misguided her to change her faith from Hinduism to Islam.