In a distressing development, it has emerged that a minor girl from a tribal community in Kozhikode gave birth recently. 

The 14-year-old girl gave birth to a child on August 17, according to reports. The seventh class student was reportedly married off as per customs of her Gotra but the claim is yet to be ascertained.

The incident was found out by the girl's school authorities after they enquired about her absence in class since February. The girl had complained of stomach pain back in February and was found to be several months pregnant.

Earlier, the school authorities had  reportedly complained of the presence anti-social elements in the tribal colony and the increasing number of visitors from outside, but there was no action from the police or the government.

The school and a charitable trust are the only links to connect the tribals with the outside world. The colony has 36 houses but only 24 of them are inhabited by families. The activities at the other houses are now under a cloud of suspicion.

Reports also state that the number of unmarried mothers is increasing in two other tribal colonies in the district.