Yash had launched the great work of bringing water to the arid areas of Karnataka, last month and his effort has been rewarded with first success at Thallur tank, which has water now.





Rocking Star Yash, through his Trust Yashomarga, took up the task of bringing water to the villages of Karnataka, with the help from the localites as it would help them maintain the tank.


People of Koppal were suffering without proper water for three years now. Yash launched this work, with his newlywed bride actress Radhika to his side, on February 28 at Thallur tank. The work has been taken up at the cost of Rs 4 lakh, which Yash is paying through his Trust.


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As a good sign, the water started oozing out just after digging 8 feet into the tank area. The localites have joined hands with the Yashomarga volunteers. The silt is being transported to the fields of farmers. If this tank starts brimming with water, it will provide sufficient water to 10,000 acres of land.


Kudos Yash, keep the good work going.