However, the doctors insisted and said that there was a chance of miscarriage as she was having pain in the stomach and asked her to get admitted to the hospital immediately.


Not knowing any other way, the woman got admitted to the hospital, and the doctors were preparing to get her operated. Meanwhile, she took permission from the doctors that she urgently wanted to go to the toilet.


When permitted, the doctor asked her to come back as soon as possible. The woman did not turn up for a long time, and the nurses too forgot. But after a while, they all heard a scream from the toilet and a lady was seen rushing out.


When asked she said that a fetus was wrapped in a cloth and was kept in the toilet. After enquiry, it was found that the woman who had complained of stomach ache had aborted the baby in the hospital. She was trying to run away from the hospital when the staff caught her and had handed her over to the police.


HD Kote police have booked a case in this regard and are questioning her.