The Mahadayi Water Dispute tribunal had advised the States affected to hold talks, with the permission of the respective state lawyers, and resolve the issue amicably.  However, despite the Tribunal’s suggestion, the Goa government has been issuing statements that are not becoming of a Federal Republic System said State Water Resources Minister M B Patil, reported Kannada Prabha.

Minister M B Patil has written to Goa Minister for Irrigation Vinod Palekar stating that the Tribunal has already suggested that it has no objection if the three states affected get together, hold talks and resolve the issue.  Yet Goa Government has not agreed to meet. The Karnataka State Government has written to Goa several times requesting for a meeting but there has been no response from Goa.  There is no justice in not following the orders of Tribunal. 

Earlier, when a meeting of the Chief Ministers of three states was called Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis and State CM had agreed but the Goa CM did not agree. In a federal republic system it is essential for states to have cordial relationships. The Mahadayi dispute has been kept alive for the past four decades. Instead of issuing flippant statements the Goa Government must provide a cordial atmosphere for the three states to conduct talks regarding Mahadayi  to arrive at a resolution, Patil said in his letter.