Swami was admitted to BGS Hospital on June 24, 2016. He was suffering from acute jaundice and obstruction of the flow of bile juices. The doctors from BGS hospital cleared the block to start the flow of the bile juice to the intestine again.

The vice chairman of BGS hospital, Dr N K Venkataramana, said that the doctors had placed a stent to prevent the blockage of juices from the gallbladder. However, an endoscopy revealed further blockages. The doctors had to place another stent to prevent further blockages. The seer also had a multi-organ infection, including in the lungs and the liver. But the doctors have confirmed that the infection can be cured with further medication.

The Tumakuru mutt’s seer responded well to treatment. He was to be kept under observation for a couple of days more. But seeing his miraculous recovery the doctors decided to discharge him today. Dr Shivakumar Swami was also upbeat about interacting with the media. Although he mostly communicated through signs, he talked to his visitors and asked them to partake in the Prasad. 

Swami was placed in a special ward. He often complained to his caretakers of his strong desire to go back to the mutt. After the improvement in his health, he will finally go back to the Siddaganga Mutt after spending close to a year in a hospital.