The sex CD that was released last week is 3 years old and I was threatened to expose the CD and Rs 45 lakhs extorted revealed Dayananda Swamy. First time after the sex CD scandal Dayananda Swamy, the expelled successor to Muddenapura Veerasimhasana Samsthana mutt at Hunasamaranahalli near Yelahanka, contacted the media by sending Whatsapp video message, reported Kannada Prabha.

“Around 3 years ago there was a plot to fix me in a sex scandal.  In 2014 a sex video was shown to me with a demand for Rs 5 crores. I was scared of my reputation being tainted and raised Rs 45 lakhs by taking loans and paid to Mahesh, Surya and Dharmendra.  Even after that they were demanding money from me. When I did not yield they exposed the video. Also it is a plot to bring disgrace to the mutt. I will lodge a complaint in this regard”, he said.

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He revealed that on Jan 5, 2014, some people stopped his car near Hebbal. They had said that they were in possession of a sex video in which he and a woman were involved. They demanded Rs 5 crores to stop disclosing it to public.

If not they would release it to the media and spoil his reputation. For that Swamy had responded that it was all fake and that he had not made any mistake and not to extort money with lies. In response they had shown him the video and threatened that they would release it to media and on social media if money is not paid and gave a phone number and left.

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Swamy went to the mutt and spoke to administrator Mallikarjunaiah. Next day he called the number and asked them to meet him near Halasuru Gate. He went with Mallikarjunaiah to the spot. He was met by Dharmendra as a representative of the group and again threatened that if money is not given the video would be released.

Swamy pleaded with him that he can only give Rs 4 to Rs 5 lakh by taking loans. Dharmendra did not agree for that. Finally he had agreed for Rs 45 lakhs.  Swamy then paid then Rs 45 lakhs in instalments till 2015.

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After some days Mahesh met him and demanded that from the money given by Swamy he had not received a single rupee and as the video was with him he would release it if Rs 20 lakhs is not given to him. Dayananda Swamy was so depressed by this that he consumed poison. Mahesh and Mallikarjunaiah had admitted him into Columbia Hospital and saved him, he explained.