Don't spare contractors and officials for deaths due to potholes: DIG Roopa

First Published 14, Oct 2017, 6:21 PM IST
Punish the contractor officer file criminal case Dig Roopa on potholes
  • Every accident recorded in the FIR states that the accident is “due to the negligence of driver” 
  • But no one questions the bad roads or even the officials responsible for it
  • Lok Sabha amends Motor Vehicles Act which is expected to bring changes

For accidents due to potholes, file criminal cases against the contractors, and the officials. Only then will justice be served to the victims, said DIG Traffic and Road Safety D Roopa. 

She was speaking at the Road Safety Workshop organised in collaboration with Road Safety Cell at PES University. To keep the road in good condition and to maintain, it is the responsibility of respective contractors or local organisation or national and state High Way Authorities. But for every accident, it is recorded in the FIR that the accident was “due to the negligence of driver.” Hence, neither the contractor, nor official is arrested. None of the complaints are standing on merit at the court because of this. To this day no contractor or official has been punished for negligence of duty, she said, reports Kannada Prabha.

Hence, criminal complaints must be registered for accidents that occur due to potholes. Based on a recommendation submitted to the Central Government by the police department, amendment to Motor Vehicles Act has been approved by the Lok Sabha and is awaiting approval at Rajya Sabha, she said.

PES Varsity Chancellor Dr MR Doreswamy said drunken driving, over speeding, talking on mobile while driving and such other misdeeds cause accidents. Last year 4.18 lakh accidents were registered in which 1.15 lakh people have died, he said.

Road Safety Cell director Narendra Holkar said that most of the accident victims are in the age group of 18 to 25. Over speeding is the main cause. In State, 30 accidents are reported daily, he observed.