The State Government on Thursday submitted a report to the High Court that in the Shivajinagar police station limits there are no illegal slaughter houses, reported Kannada Prabha.

An NGO Go Gyan Foundation had submitted a report to the High Court that 27 illegal slaughter houses are functioning in Bengaluru City.  A bench headed by Justice Aravinda Kumar considered the report seriously and directed the State Government to submit a report about illegal slaughter houses and action taken against them.  Accordingly, State Additional Engineer Sandesh Chouta submitted a report prepared by the Shivajinagar police station, stating 6 locations were inspected in Shivajinagar and there were no illegal slaughter houses found.

Sandesh Chouta informed the court that the NGO had mentioned mutton stalls as slaughter houses. Officials concerned have been instructed to investigate other areas like D J Halli, Bharathi Nagar and other places mentioned in the report where illegal slaughter houses are functioning and submit a report.

Justice admitted the report and instructed the Go Gyan Foundation to inspect yet again illegal slaughter houses in the State and submit a revised report. And posted the hearing on Oct 4.

The Go Gyan Foundation had submitted an appeal requesting the court to instruct the police to protect cattle illegally kept in captivity at slaughter houses around Shivajinagar during Bakrid.  The High Court had instructed the police to investigate and report.

The court instructed that the State Government must end illegal cow slaughter and identify and take action against illegal slaughter houses and submit a progress report to the court.