Government adopts Ejipura building crash victim, Sanjana

karnataka | Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
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  • Sanjana survived the cylinder blast at Ejipura
  • Her parents died after the building in which they were living, crushed them alive
  • Sanjana. who has sustained severe burn injuries, is being treated at the Victoria Hospital

Little Sanjana who miraculously survived the 'cylinder blast' while her parents were crushed under the debris, continues to be critical at Victoria Hospital. Sanjana has sustained severe burn injuries and is battling for her life.

Bengaluru in-charge minister KJ George who visited Sanjana at the hospital sought details from the doctors. It may be recalled here that the State government has announced to take care of Sanjana including her educational expenses.

Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy had told reporters - after he visited the mishap site - that the government would take care of the girl's medical expenses.

Sanjana's father Sharavana and her mother Ashwini (who was seven months pregnant) were reportedly planning to visit Aswhini's parents for Deepavali celebrations. However, their joy was cut short, cruelly.

Sanjana, who is being taken care by her relatives, has not stopped crying ever since she has been hospitalised. "She does not  know that her parents are no more. But prior to that her wounds need to be healed," one of Sanjana's relative was quoted saying.

George has promised to extend personal help towards Sanjana's treatment.

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