The Maharashtra Ekikaran Samithi (MES) organised a Mala Melava at Belagavi just when the joint assembly session is in progress, despite the Belagavi district administration’s restriction imposed, reports Kannada Prabha.

The Belagavi district administration had also imposed restriction on Maharashtra leaders participating in the Maha Melava but they have defied the restrictions and participated.  Also they announced that the next Maha Melava will be held at the Suvarna Soudha and provoked the Kannadigas.

Maharashtra’s former minister Jayantha Rao Patil said currently the Maharashtra assembly sessions are held at Mumbai and winter sessions at Nagpur. After the SC order, they will hold the 3rd session at Belagavi.

Belagavi South MLA Sambhaji Patel declared that they will include Bidar also into Maharashtra next. He said Bidar belongs to Hyderabad but now they want it to belong to Maharashtra and we will take them with us, he said. Khanapur MLA Aravinda Patil said whether permission is granted or not they would continue to fight and challenged if the police have the guts they can arrest them.

Former MLA Manohar Kinekar said only when Maharahstra went to Supreme Court claiming Belagavi, did the Karnataka Government wake up and construct a Suvarana Soudha in the pretext of developing Belagavi. Though it calls Belagavi as the second capital not a tiny bit of development has taken place here. Hence the North Karnataka is demanding a separate state. Karnataka government must be ashamed of it, he said.

The Belagavi district administration had imposed strict vigilance at the borders banning Maharashtra leaders to enter Belagavi. Yet the leaders defied the orders and took part in it.