Karnataka was supposed to present its final arguments on Mahadayi river issue on February 6. But the Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal has postponed the hearing to February 8.

Goa was hopeful of filing a contempt petition before the Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal against Karnataka, alleging that the neighbouring state had resumed work at Kalasa Baduri Channel despite Supreme Court's direction to maintain status quo.

However, Karnataka has rubbished the argument and also said that the contempt complaint cannot be filed with the Tribunal but has to be dealt with the Supreme Court.

The advocates for Goa told the Tribunal that the contempt petition would be revised. Thus the Tribunal has postponed the hearing to February 13  to discuss the issue of contempt of court by Karnataka.

This time veteran advocate Fali S Nariman will not argue for Karnataka. Instead, either senior advocates Ashok Desai or Indira Jaising will argue on behalf of the state. This decision was taken since Nariman had undergone heart surgery recently.

The final verdict on Mahadayi is expected to be out by August.