The drought hit Koppal and Vijayapura districts have received heavy rains and some villages are totally immersed in water. In Vijayapura one farmer Sayabanna Naykodi (65) was washed away on Thursday and his body was recovered on Friday.  In Obalabandi village in Koppal, 3 women who were working near the fields were struck by lightening and injured. They are under treatment.

Following heavy rains on Friday, Bikanalli, Bisaralli and Hiresindogi villages in Koppala are immersed in water.  Half of Bisaralli village was totally inundated and people had to be evacuated to a safer place.  School children used ropes to reach safe place.

In Siraguppa, Ballari, heavy rains lashed for an hour. In Udupi, rains along with strong winds caused a house wall to collapse in Udyavara.  In Uttara Kannada, Kodagu and Shivamogga districts the monsoon has tapered down and moderate rainfall was reported. Bengaluru also received moderate rains.

In Hampi, Bellary district, heavy rains for over two hours resulted in waterlogging at the World Heritage Virupaksha temple premises. Tourists were thrilled to see the magical reflection of monuments in the water. The farmers are smiling due to good rains at Hampi.