Onam is the most popular festival celebrated by Keralites all over the world. It is like a State fest in Kerala. But this time, with people suffering from deluge in Kerala, Malayalees all over the world including Bengaluru are not celebrating the festival.

Most Malayalees staying outside Kerala are donating their celebration money for relief measures and are helping the flood victims.

Especially in Bengaluru, people have formed groups and some are even becoming part of rescue teams in flood-struck Kerala.

Onam is also known as the festival of harvesting. But with all the farms submerged, there is not much left to celebrate in terms of prosperity.

But with scriptural reference, it is said that Lord Vishnu came in the form of Vamana and sought a piece of land from Kerala's generous ruler Mahabali to keep three steps. Vamana is said to have covered the sky and land with two steps and when there was no place to keep his third step, Mahabali asked him to keep it on his head and was pushed below earth (Pathaala).

Acknowledging the honesty of Mahabali, Vamana granted him a boon that he can return to his land and see his people, once a year. Thus, Onam is supposed to be the day people welcome Mahabali with flower rangolis, and various dishes made out of seasonal vegetables, with sweets and savouries.

Though the current picture looks depressing, people are taking this as a challenge and an occasion to bounce back.

People's act of sending materials to relief camps is also seen as a way of celebrating the festival meaningfully, by being of help to others.

Not even floods can mar the spirit of people, who are celebrating this year's Onam in relief camps.