Suvarna News ‘Cover Story’ team led by Vijayalakshmi Shibaroor had recently busted illegal centres which work on putting dye to the clothes. When the team took a glance at the centres, it was shocked to see the amount of poison these outlets were releasing into the Vrushabhavati River, which joins the Cauvery River.

The team visited the dye centres at Thimmegowdana Doddi, Kottagalu, Manchanayakanahalli and found out a shocking truth. The clothes from dying were coming from Tamil Nadu. It can be noted that Tamil Nadu has banned and closed all such outlets as they are concerned about their environment and water.



But shockingly, looks like some people and authorities in Karnataka are only bothered about money or good returns and are poisoning our own water sources.

Interestingly, none of these centres had the license. When asked they were seen pleading the TV crew for giving them a chance to get the license. None of them had installed the water purifying machine. The poisonous water is being released to the water sources directly, making the water we drink poisonous.

It is surprising that the health officers have not taken any note of this and have allowed these centres to function.

Now, what is important, having a bandh protesting against Baahubali screening because someone in the film insulted the Cauvery River or to stop Kannadigas from killing the Cauvery River?