In Chamarajanagara, the lowermost district of the state will see six-time winner M.C. Basappa's son-in-law Prof. K.R. Mallikarjunappa will contest from his father-in-law’s constituency.

In 1952, the first election U.M Madappa from Kisan Mazdoor party had won the election against M.C. Basappa by a huge margin. In 1957 Chamarajanagara became twin constituency. Madappa won again from Praja Socialist Party.

Later B. Rachiah who contested from Congress won the election from the reserved constituency. M.C. Basappa who contested from the general constituency lost against Madappa.

By 1962, the election scenario in the politics had changed to a large extent. M. C. Basappa who had contested from  Congress ticket won the election. Madappa who lost the election in this election never contested again. In 1967 the elections became a fiery battlefield. M.C. Basappa contested with Congress ticket. However independent candidate S. Puttaswwamy won the election. Basappa

Basappa then and now Mallikarjunappa

Prof. K.R. Mallikarjunappa, retired Economics professor, former Legislative Council member, and who had made history by winning the legislative council election in 2010, in the Mysuru- Chamarajanagara twin constituency, bade goodbye to the thinkers' forum and contested election after 35 years in his father-in-law M.C. Basappa's constituency. However, he lost the election by a margin of 11,196 votes to Congress candidate C. Puttaranga Shetty. Now he is contesting against C. Puttaranga Shetty on a BJP ticket.

 Prof. K.R. Mallikarjunappa is from Kottalavadi Village in Chamarajanagara district. He was working as a professor at J.S.S. college in Chamarajanagara and Mysuru. He is highly recognized in the education field and local organizations in these areas.

            Gift from Father-in-law’s house

 Mallikarjunappa who received the constituency as a gift from his father-in-law is a former legislative council member. He took voluntary retirement and had eyes on the Legislative Assembly membership. But he could not get a ticket on the first attempt.

However, he got many opportunities to forge ahead. When BJP government formed he was named as the President of Jungle Lodges and Resorts Corporation. But within six months of winning the Legislative council election, he resigned from the Resort Corporation. BJP found that he was an apt candidate.  He made history by winning the election even without paying the deposit money.

After this, he was recognised as the appropriate candidate for the Presidentship of the organization and given the post. He is contesting the election for the second time now.