The JD(S) is already showered with titles of a dark horse, kingmaker, decisive party and more since the time election has been announced for Karnataka. So far, according to the farfetched surveys, no party is likely to get majority enough to form the government in Karnataka, after the May Assembly elections.

So, JD(S) is considered as the crucial party to either hop on to the CM's chair or to retain one. But JD(S) has been playing guessing game among people and leaders of Karnataka for quite some months now. 

Initially, there were talks of JD(S) - Congress alliance, which was neither ruled out nor accepted by JD(S).

Criticisms levelled at CM Siddaramaiah and Congress, BJP's support to JD(S) in the local body elections gave wings to the speculations that JD(S) was in for an alliance with the BJP. 

upcoming elections made by BSP leader Satish Chandra Misra and JD (S)'s Danish Ali at a press conference in New Delhi has made one wonder about a clear plan chalked out by the JD(S) in Karnataka politics..

Accordingly, BSP will contest in 20 Constituencies in 14 districts in Karnataka. BSP chief Mayavathi and JD(S) supremo HD Deve Gowda will jointly campaign in the coming elections.

Surely this has come as a surprise but also has led to theories that the alliance has been formed to drive away Muslim - Dalit votes from Congress. It is still doubtful that JD(S)- BSP alliance will get a majority and form the government, but the alliance will play an important role in the formation of the government.

Whether the alliance has been formed to drive away votes from Congress to facilitate BJP or vice versa, and one wouldn't be surprised if JD(S) State President HD Kumaraswamy demands the most powerful chair - the chair of the CM in return.

Now the question is which party is ready to offer CM's position to HDK? Even if this speculation falls flat, JD(S) is sure to get some key portfolios and have their way in forming the government.

Whatever may be the scenario, JD(S) surely is creating ripples in the current political dynamics of Karnataka.