With hung assembly in Karnataka, Congress and JD(S) have joined hands against BJP. But BJP being the single largest party is expecting to form the government. As Congress and JD(S) alliance have more than the magic number 112, they are expecting to form the government.

State President of BJP and projected CM candidate of the party, BS Yeddyurappa met Governor Valubhai Vala and asked him to extend an invitation to form the government.

Currently, BJP has won 104 seats and has the support of 1 independent MLA. Whereas Congress and JD(S) have 117 MLAs with them. The magic number currently the party needs to form the government is 112.


Thus the Congress has stated that if BJP is invited to form the government despite not having the majority, it will go to Supreme Court.

Citing that in Goa and Manipur BJP was invited to form the government despite the fact that Congress was the single largest party and later BJP formed the government in the respective states.

Thus if BJP is invited to form the government in Karnataka, Congress will go to the Supreme Court and also will stage a day and night protest.

Currently, out of 224 constituencies, the election was conducted in 222 constituencies, and other two constituencies - Jayanagar and Rajarajeshwari Nagar will go for elections on May 28 and results will be out on May 31.