Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who has been criticised for sleeping during meetings including in the Assembly session, has done it again!

This time, Siddaramaiah was found dozing off during the press conference convened by Venugopal, AICC General Secretary In-charge of Karnataka. It is interesting that Siddaramaiah was sleeping while the top leader Venugopal was speaking at the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) press conference in Bengaluru.

Recently, in a similar incident, during a press conference, Siddaramaiah was not only seen sleeping during the press conference in Bengaluru on but had to be nudged by Congress leader Lakshmi Hebbalkar.

Lakshmi decided to write a slip and pass it when she was alerted that pictures and video of CM sleeping during the conference was being telecast on the news channels.

Siddaramaiah apparently suffers from sleep disorder ‘sleep apnea’ which is known as OSA. He is practising yoga to overcome the disorder from quite some time now but looks like the Yoga has had not had a positive effect on the CM.

Even before this, Siddaramaiah has been criticised by the Opposition parties as the sleeping CM of Karnataka. He was seen sleeping during the Assembly sessions, public meetings and even party meetings.

Siddaramaiah is said to be under treatment and practising yoga to get rid of this disorder.