Is SM Krishna a blunder for BJP? Was it worth hopping the party?

karnataka | 21 July 2017 9:21 AM (UTC)
suman priya
  • On March 22, SM Krishna hopped on to the BJP after being in the Congress for over five decades
  • Whatever he imagined when he made the jump, both the posts of President and Vice President have bypassed him
  • So what now for the 84-year-old leader?

It looks like the veteran politician SM Krishna, who on 22 March 22 year hopped on to the BJP after being in the Congress for over five decades, is far away from being recognised in the new party. Krishna had alleged that Congress was not treating him right. Well, here is an example how the BJP is treating the leader.

The people of Karnataka had expected that a leader of the stature of SM Krishna - who has served as the Union Cabinet Minister, Chief Minister of Karnataka and Governor of Maharashtra - would be selected as the Presidential candidate. But with the BJP zeroing on Ram Nath Kovind, people assumed that Krishna will at least be considered as the candidate for Vice President.

But now even that is a closed gate. And many people have tweeted and opined on social media that SM Krishna has 'lost' the race to become Vice President too.

Reacting to a tweet by Gautham Machaiah, saying that Krishna has lost out on the VP race, BJP spokesperson Prakash Sesharaghavachar has said that BJP will never commit such a "blunder".

BJP Spokesperson Prakash Shesharaghavachanr's response even used the word blunder, saying "...those in Delhi will never commit such blunder."




Thus it looks like giving any post to SM Krishna is something the BJP is not actively considering. Was Krishna expecting this kind of treatment by his new party? 

Earlier, while quitting the Congress, SM Krishna had said that the Congress needs managers and not leaders. He had said that he was not being treated well, in fact, that he was being sidelined and neglected in the party.

Sources had said that he wanted to come back to active politics but after making him the governor of Maharashtra, Congress was not keen on giving the 84-year-old leader any active post. This might have led him to leave the party after being in it for nearly 50 years.

Later, he was given a grand welcome by top Karnataka leaders in the BJP. But many were angry as BJP was encouraging and allotting tickets to those who have hopped from other parties, especially the Congress, and neglecting its grassroot workers.

This is true for people like V Somanna or Srinivas Prasad, who jumped to the BJP from the Congress were either given tickets or have been promised one. But this is not the case for Krishna, whose gains ended with the grand welcome. So far the leader has not been given any post.

Thus, was it worth hopping the party, Mr SM Krishna?

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