Currently, the most popular politician in Karnataka is Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. He is even said to be a competitor of PM Modi, as claimed by many a troll page. Will Siddaramaiah rise to the position of a national leader in the Congress party?

"I am not interested in national politics," said CM Siddaramaiah, when one of our senior journalists asked Siddaramaiah in a candid discussion. May be he is one of the rarepoliticians who is saying no to national politics despite his closeness to AICC President Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. To add to it, his words carry a lot of importance over the other Congress leaders, what with his decisions on Karnataka flag to the Lingayat card.

 Then, why say no?

Looking back at CM Siddaramaiah's accomplishments, and his earlier battles, it can be said that his efforts to win the MP seat turned futile. CM Siddaramaiah contested for MP seat twice, but was defeated both the times.

But all the five times he contested for MLA seat, he has tasted success. Thus he has come to a conclusion that he is happy in the state politics and is not interested in contesting anymore for the 'national seat'. Perhaps embarrassed of striking a hat trick with lok sabha defeat?

What if the high command offers him a ticket? Will he accept it?

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