The BBMP has one reason to smile as its education department has done better then Karnataka government schools in board exams. In SSCL and PUC, government over 25 institutions had given zero percent results however BBMP institutions not only fared better but also produced rank holders.

The latest results in SSLC and PUC announced in May2 weeks had raised the questions about the capability of education department as the total results was 73 per cent in SSLC and 52 per cent was in PUC

In both the category there was a decline of about 5 per cent compared to last year. In SSLC,  52 schools had produced  zero per cent and in PUC 132 colleges had produced  zero per cent results. But in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s education wing ensured not a single school out of 33 schools faces the embarrassment of getting zero percent and it is same with 13 junior colleges.

“In BBMP school’s 23 students in high school had got distinction and  69 PUC students has scored over 80 percent to get distinction, “said Shivanna, Education Officer, BBMP.

The simple reason that BBMP schools fared better than government was because of the access of tuition, exposure to competition from convent schools, smart class like video conference, visit and special class by NGO’s and experts and techies at BBMP school every month.

“The BBMP School has only marginalised and downtrodden section students. Many of them are first generation school goers. Since we have made free tuition after school hours for SSCL students, it has benefited them. To make sure they do not get tired lose interest, we also arranged for light snacks. The tuitions were of interactive sessions, hence the idea clicked,” he said.

Education Committee Chairman in BBMP Nazima Khanum expressed happiness over the achievements said, although there was shortage of regular teaching staff, the department hired teachers with sound background.

“The teaching staff specially the new generation who joined BBMP on contract had used the innovative skills and used the computer and other education techniques to make the classes more interesting. The advantage is lacking in rural side and hence government education could not perform the way BBMP schools did in board exams,” she said.

The department is impressed with the performance with students, that it  has now decided to give Rs 25, 000 per student who scored above 80 per cent in SSLC and Rs 35,000 will be given for  each PUC student who  got distinction. Rs 30 lakhs will be spent for this purpose.