Shettigere gram panchayat in Tumakuru district witnessed some ugly moments when the husband of gram panchayat president partially bit off the ear of his political rival during an argument. Paramesh, the accused has been arrested on a charge of attempt to murder.

Paramesh, husband of Nagamani, entered into a bitter argument with gram panchayat member Jagadish Babu over installation of CCTV cameras inside the panchayat office. In the melee, Paramesh partially bit off Jagadish's ears, reports The Times Of India.

It is reported that Jagadish had objected Paramesh acting as proxy president to his wife in the gram panchayat. He even accused him of interfering in panchayat's administration and taking several decisions without consulting any of the gram panchayat representatives.

Last week, an argument broke out between the duo where Babu demanded to install CCTV reportedly to end Paramesh's interference in the panchayat administration. He had also levelled graft charges on Paramesh. Irked at this Parmaesh argued with Jagadish. However, both lost control over words and came to blows. In the melee, Paramesh bit off Jagadish's ears.

It is reported that Jagadish picked up the severed part of his ear and rushed to the hospital. The doctors at the hospital have reportedly stitched it back.