Gauri Lankesh murder: 5 facts that will send shivers down your spine

First Published 6, Sep 2017, 1:32 PM IST
Gauri Lankesh murder 5 facts that will send shivers down your spine
  • Gauri would come home after 10 PM usually. Unfortunately, on a fatal day, she arrived home around 7.30 PM.
  • 7 rounds of bullets fired out of which three entered her body and bullet was one shot after she died
  • When  the police came to the spot the engine of Gauri's car was on

Gauri Lankesh, journalist, the writer was gunned down in front of her house in Rajarajeshwari Nagar at 7.30 PM on September 5, as she came home from work.

Arrived home earlier than usual

There were four CCTV cameras around Gauri Lankesh's house. She was living alone and would come home after 10 PM usually. Unfortunately, on the fatal day, she arrived home at round 7.30 PM. After she received the death threat, CCTVs were installed around her house. Two unidentified men on a bike are wearing a mask shot at her. How far will the CCTVs help the police nab the culprits?

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7 rounds of bullet, three enter body, one shot after death

Police sources have confirmed that Gauri was killed with .22 pistol. There were seven rounds of firing, and three bullets entered Gauri's body. The sources said that one bullet was fired after she was dead.

Car engine left on

When the police came to the spot, the engine of Gauri's car was on. It is said that she got down from her car to open the gate. She opened one side of the gate and turned towards the road to pen the another half of the gate when bullets were fired, and she fell on the ground. As she lives alone, every day she would get out of the car herself open the gate, park her car inside and then get inside the house.

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One bullet not  found in body

During the postmortem, out of the three bullets, one was not found. The police did not find the extra bullet at the crime scene too. Thus they arranged for the X-ray of the body to find the missing bullet. So far no information is available if the bullet has been found.

Eyes donated/last rites at Chamarajapet

Gauri's  eyes were donated to the Minto Ophthalmic Hospital. The body has been kept for the public viewing at Samsa Open Theatre in Bengaluru. Last rites will be performed in Chamarajapet.

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