The BBMP has banned flexes and banners in the City on papers but in practice the menace is very visible. Flexes and banners are being put up at will by the public and political parties spoiling the aesthetics of the City.  Every nook and corner of the City is adorned with ugly flexes and banners announcing most private occasions to Party propaganda, reported Kannada Prabha.

According to the BBMP’s Advertisement Rules, flexes and banners should not be displayed.  State High Court has issued strict orders in this regard.  Lokayukta has instructed BBMP to take strict action against violators. But BBMP is turning a blind eye to the menace.

This has facilitated violators to take it for granted to put up huge flexes and not remove it at all. For instance in Vijayanagar and Govindarajanagar legislative constituencies the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had launched various civil works estimated at Rs 415 crores on Nov 11.  Huge cut outs of CM and local MLAs M Krishnappa and Priya Krishna were put up. Even after 13 days they are not removed.

Strangely right on BBMP gates huge flexes and cut outs are put up.  At the gate facing Unity Building a huge flex wishing Imran Pasha for being elected s Standing Committee president is being displayed.  All officers move through this gate but nobody seem to have taken notice of it.

A huge flex with BJP leaders has been put up at Nagarabavi Circle obstructing public traffic.  Even on flyovers banners and flexes relating to Annamma Utsava, birthdays, deaths and other such instances are put up. Many of them fall down after some days on moving traffic causing injuries, yet BBMP officers are ignorant of them.

The entire stretch of Tumakauru Road was flooded with flexes during Parivarthana Yatre.  Not a single of that has been removed.  Tax and Finance Standing Committee president M K Gunashekhar says HC has banned flexes. The officers concerned are not taking action despite several warnings. The Zonal Joint Commissioner has given authority to EROs to impose fine on violators but nobody is taking any interest. Even ward level engineers are hand in glove with the officers in this, he said.

The various political party leaders are not instructing their workers not to put up flexes and cut outs. The public are copying the leaders in making a public display of private programs also.