CCTV footage of days before and after the death of DySP MK Ganapathy go missing!

First Published 9, Sep 2017, 4:59 PM IST
dysp mk ganapathy death CCTV footage go missing hyderabad FSL
  • The police officer was found hanging at a lodge in Madikeri on July 2016
  • Ganapathy had blamed minister George and his two senior officials for his death
  • The FSL, Hyderabad report says that the DVR has only footage but not the days linking to the alleged murder

Amidst reports that crucial evidence in the death of DySP MK Ganapathy was allegedly erased, here comes another shocker - the CCTV footage in the DVR too is not to be found, allegedly. In fact, a report from the Forensic Department has confirmed it, reports Vijaya Vani.

DySP Ganapathy was found hanging at a lodge in Madikeri on July 7 in 2016. He was found dead minutes after he blamed Bengaluru district in-charge minister KJ George and his senior officials Pranab Mohanty and AM Prasad. The investigation officials have seized the lodge's CCTV camera to get to the bottom of the city.

But now, it has come as a rude shock to Ganapathy family that the footage in the CCTV's DVR has vanished without a trace. In fact, it came to light when a panel headed by retired justice Keshavanarayana that is looking into the case had seized the CCTV DVR, and it was sent to the FSL in Madiwala. But the FSL authorities had declared that the CCTV DVR was not fit to be examined. But this reportedly did not go well with the panel as the DVR was later sent to the FSL unit in Hyderabad, reports Vijaya Vani.

According to the FSL (Hyderabad) report, there is no footage in the DVR that could link Ganapathy's death on the particular date. Instead, the DVR is full of footage that is nearly 14 years old, reports Vijaya Vani quoting scientist CH Eshwar Prasad. Following the notice, the scientist has reportedly recorded his statement for the panel.

While the details of how the events leading to the death of DySP Ganapathy were destroyed is yet to be found out, one is forced to question, where did the CCTV recordings of the ill-fated day go? Also, if the police officer had allegedly committed suicide then what was the need for the footage to go missing?

The CCTV has the recording of Ganapathy's body found in the lodge. But there have been no details of the events before the discovery of his body and even after that. This has given rise to lot of speculations. 

It may be recalled here that the Supreme Court has asked to hand over the case to the CBI, recently. So far, the investigation conducted by the state agencies had given a clean chit to minister George and other police officers in the case.