Social media is playing a major role in political campaigns and elections. Ramya being the social media chief of Congress party, is not only active on social media, but recently gave a controversial statement regarding the 'Psycho Analysis' being used in social media campaigns.

In one of her interviews, post the expose of Cambridge Analytica issue, Ramya had said that Congress has never used psycho analytics to attract people on social media or on any issue. But in another ted talk, Ramya has told that psycho analysis is an integral part of social media, which is meant to control the minds of people and to make them see what you want to see.

She has described the Psyscho Analysis as a science, thus giving contradicting views on the matter. So, did Ramya use the Psycho Analysis method to control the minds of people about a certain issue or party?

Here is a tweet by Rajeev Chadda which has the clips of both the speeches by Ramya.