Daughter gives Supari to kill her mother, tells she died of heart attack

First Published 28, Sep 2017, 5:28 PM IST
Daughter gives Supari to kill her mother acts she died of heart attack
  • A woman got her mother killed by giving Supari and pretended that she had died of heart attack. 
  • She lives happily with her lover, nobody suspecting any foul play.
  • Fight between Supari killers and lover regarding money sills the bean.
  • Police summon and interrogate and she confesses to the killing.

A woman got her mother killed by giving Supari and pretended that she had died of heart attack, conducts cremation but the disagreement with money among killers gives away the plot, reported Kannada Prabha.

Chikkajala police have arrested Soubhagya, Suddu alias Subrahmani, his relative Shashi and Supari killers K C Chandru, Naveen Yadav, Manju Reddy and Chethan Kumar of Shidlaghatta.

Shanthamma (45) of Meenukunte Hosuru near Chikkajala hailed from Kaivara in Chintamani.  Subbu is Shantamma’s brother’s son and Soubhagya and Subbu grew up together.  Eventually Soubhagya fell in love with Subbu. He had completed eighth standard and was a school dropout.  He was doing some sundry works and Shanthamma objected to Soubhagya marrying him. She even got Soubhagya married to one Harish a private company employee at KGF.  After 3 months Soubhagay fought with her husband and returned home but pregnant. She continued her affair with Subbu.  She delivered a baby girl and divorced Harish.

Shanthamma had some problem with selling her land in Kaivara. Subbu helped her sell it.  Shanthamma had purchased 10 guntas of land in Kaivara itself with the Rs 50 lakh she had got from the sale of land.  Later on as per Subbu’s suggestion Shanthamma and Soubhagya came to live in Meenukunte.  By then Shanthamma had softened towards Subbu and agreed for Soubhagya to marry him.  She also gave Rs 10 lakhs to Subbu to start a business.

However, Subbu started spending the money for parties and drinking. Miffed by that Shanthamma had told Soubhagya to separate from Subbu otherwise she would not give her any money or property. Soubhagya had conveyed that to Subbu. This enraged him and he decided to kill Shanthamma. His relative Shashi, a priest in a Anjaneya temple near Devanahalli helped him. Twice he tried to kill her once by mixing Mercury in her food and again by feeding her sleeping pills. But both the times he failed.

When Subbu told this to Shashi, he suggested that they should give Supari to one K  Chandru of Shidlaghatta.  Suddu agreed and gave Rs 8 lakhs to Chandru. On July 31, Chandru with his associates Naveen, Chethan and Manju came to Devanahalli. They ate and drank alcohol at the hill and came to the house after Shanthamma slept. They strangulated her and escaped.

Soubhagya called her relatives saying her mother had died of heart attack. Next day she conducted the cremation at the electric crematorium at Vidyaranya pura. Nobody suspected any foul play.

After that Soubhagya and Subbu were leading a fun life spending money freely. However, a fight had occurred between Chandru group and Subbu with regard to payment. Chikkajala police got a clue about this. They brought Soubhagya and Subbu to the station and interrogated them. Finally Soubhagya confessed that she was fed up of her mother as she was not allowing her to be with her daughter and she had even told Soubhagya’s daughter to call her sister. She had objected to marriage with Subbu also and finally decided to kill her, said Soubhagya, according to police.