In the ongoing tussle between the pourakarmikas association and the contractors of the BBMP, it has come to light that the BBMP contractors have allegedly taken signature of Pourakarmikas on papers stating they approve of contract system and they want the wages to be paid through contractors only. This is totally contradictory to the order issued by BBMP recently, that all wages to contract Pourakarmikas will be paid directly from August, retrospectively. This was actually a result of the long-drawn battle that BBMP contract Pourakarmikas undertook demanding that wages be paid to them directly, reports Kannada Prabha.

It can be recalled here that the contractors were taking commission from the Pourakarmikas. Upset over this, pourakarmikas began the protest demanding that the payment be made directly to them. The Pourakarmikas' Association has complained to the BBMP Commissioner, Bommanahalli Joint Commissioner and Bommanahalli police station that they were were forcibly made to sign the letters.

The Pourakarmikas said that they are working on contract for the past 15 to 20 years. Most of them are illiterates. They had participated in the strike demanding direct payment. However, the contractors allegedly, forcibly made them to sign on some sheets of paper promising them that their demands would be fulfilled. When they asked the contractors to show the page they were denied. Finally, the when Pourakarmiaks asked the association members to confirm they found out that the letter stated they wanted the contract system and the payment to be dispersed through contractors. Shocked at this, they have asked the contractors return the signed sheets now.