The CCB police have come out with shocking details that out of 205 drug cases in the last five months, they have arrested 68 African nationals. The police say these detainees were said to have been smuggling costly and more harmful drug like Cocaine, Ketamine, LSD  and others. Many of the arrested persons are repeat offenders.
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Women and Narcotics, Siddaligappa said, Ganja, opium, are local drugs that are mainly sourced from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. Whereas drugs like Cocaine and LSD and other banned substance are smuggled to India by African nationals.
The banned drugs are usually smuggled from Brazil and Mexico. The Africans who are involved in the illegal trade are in constant touch with the person coming from these two places. The consignment enters Bengaluru International Airport, and from there the substance is distributed. “Since there is no mechanism to detect this power like substance, it is easy for the smugglers to hoodwink officials at the airport. About 1 to 2 kilos of such substance is bought once in a while, and once the drugs are supplied, the next consignment is ordered,” he said.
The officers also say the sizable amount of Opium and Ganja is also supplied from Nepal and Bangladesh. Borders in Nepal and Bangladesh are used to get this banned substance. Smugglers enter India through using their network to get the stock from these places and distribute in smaller quantity to places like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru
In Bengaluru, East division comprising places like K.R Puram, TC Palaya, Hennur, Kammanahalli, HBR Layout, Banaswadi, Thanisandra, Horamavu, Byrathi and Indiranagar are potential areas for trade.
“The railway station in KR Puram is where the maximum number of times the cocaine LSD and brown sugar change hands. This place is a converging point and many techies who are also addicts, work in the periphery are the potential customers are asked to come. A small pack of drugs measuring up to 5 grammes are packed and sold. Cocaine per gram is priced Rs 5,000,” said Siddalingappa.
He also revealed that many of the arrested African nationals sent back to their country by police in the past have managed to enter India again and sell banned drugs. “Nigerians are more in numbers when it comes to the drug trade. We have warned and sent them back to their respective but the return with fake documents,”
The college students, especially in medical and engineering classes, are the prime buyers and the drug mafia tried to place a source close the reputed college to identify potential customers.

"We have also placed out teams new few colleges and watch students movement as it can give us lead which can pave the way to arrest. Now the government itself has made it clear to drop cases and deport them as the nuisance was increasing by the day,"  said another senior official from CCB.