In a shocking incident, reported on February 22, a woman named Rathnamma approached Mico Layout Police station saying that her neigbour had fixed a camera near her bathroom window.

The complaint copy says, Jeevan Sait her neighbour had recorded her bathroom scenes through camera and she requested the police officials to take action in this regard.

Following the complaint, the jurisdictional police has filed a cased under section 354 of Indian Penal Code for sexual harassment. 

"The camera was fixed in the small pot covered with tree sapling, we do not know when was this fixed but I noticed on last Thursday. Others cannot have access to out bathroom window area, only the neighbour can move in that area so I suspect on him and hence I have named him in the complaint," said Rathnamma.

Jeevan Sait is said to be out on bail now and the police have seized the camera along with the pot for evidence.