How a WhatsApp status message rescued two Bengaluru students from falling prey to Blue Whale game

First Published 10, Sep 2017, 4:28 PM IST
Blue Whale Game Two Bengaluru students take up challenge rescued
  • Two college students had completed the two tasks that included elbow cut and watching horror movies non-stop
  • Fearing death, they had switched off their phones during the third task
  • Students are now being counselled against the perils of the game
  • Mysuru ranks no 9 in the cities with the highest number of searches for the game

A WhatsApp status of a college student that said "I'm on the way" could have been brushed off as just the status. But for the alert classmates of the student, he was rescued along with his partner from being the victims of the deadly Blue Whale Game challenge in the City.

Two students - both aged at 18 and 19 - studying in a prestigious college in the city had reportedly quit the game after completing two tasks. But they were apparently feared to take on the third task and had switched off their mobile phones. Neither their family knew about this nor their friends.

However, a WhatsApp status of one of them gave away the clue and their alert friends informed the principal, who in turn informed the police and their family members, Kannada Prabha.

It is reported that one of the victims had first downloaded the game and as part of the task, he had cut his elbow. Later, he had asked his friend to join to play the second task. As per the second task, they were asked to watch horror films non-stop for 24 hours. In the third task, they were given the challenge to climb a tall building. But the students were reportedly scared of carrying out the task, hence, they had turned off their mobile phones.

The students are being counselled by Vanitha Sahayavani against the perils of the game. During the counselling, it has come to light that the boy had cut his elbow with a knife, as part of the challenge, reports Kannada Prabha quoting Rani Shetty, head of Vanitha Sahayavani.

Meanwhile, in a shocking development, State's culture city Mysuru is ranked no 9 in the country for highest number of searches for blue whale game. But it is not clear how many may have downloaded the game so far. The news has certainly disturbed the district administration that is busy with the Dasara celebrations.

Woken up by the startling information, the Public Instruction Department has now asked all the 3,387 schools in the district to create awareness on the perils of the game among the students. The department has also asked the teachers to look for signs like cut marks on skin, watching or discussing about horror movies and such.