Close on the heels of alleging land scam by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s son Yateendra, the BJP has shot another arrow at CM himself alleging illegal denotification of land to the tune of Rs 300 crores, reported Kannada Prabha.

State BJP Backward Morcha president, former minister B J Puttaswamy has alleged that to favour his close associates the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has denotified 6 acres 26 Guntas at Bhupasandra village Bengaluru North Taluk, acquired by BDA in 1978 for Rajamahal Vilas second stage.  Puttaswamy has also expressed suspicion that it could be a Benami property of Siddaramaiah.

Speaking at a press meet at BJP office on Tuesday, Puttaswamy released several documents and said a complaint will be lodged with Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and a contempt of court application will be filed against Siddaramaiah.

He alleged that the Supreme Court order has been withheld, High Court has been lied to for denotifying the said land. This has been done to favour Siddaramaiah’s close associate Keerthi Raj Shetty, he said.  The Chief Minister Keeps claiming that his government is denotification –free but documents prove that he has misappropriated his position. Hence Siddaramaiah has to take moral responsibility and resign he insisted.

The BDA acquired 6 acres and 26 Gunta land at Survey No 20 and 21 in 1978 for forming Rajmahal Vilas second stage.  In 1988 the Gazetteer notice was published and handed over to technical department to award to the land owners.

In 1992 Aug 27 the acquisition process was completed and the government denotified the said land on behalf of the land owners. One of the land owners Syed Bashid went to court questioning the government’s action. After hearing the case the court ruled in favour of Syed Bashid.  The government appealed to a two member bench and even to Supreme Court but the lower court verdict was upheld there also.

Meanwhile, other landowners Jayalakshmamma and others filed a case and appealed for the High Court to cancel the acquisition.  In 2016 BDA filed an appeal in High Court challenging the verdict in favour of the appellant.  

At that time the Supreme Court verdict was not revealed.  When the verdict was in favour of Jayalakshmamma, Keertiraj Shetty acquired a GPA and appealed to the Chief Minister, through legislator Vasantha Bangera to denotify.  Siddaramaiah wrote to BDA to look into the appeal.  BDA commissioner verified the case and replied to the government bringing to its notice the SC verdict and said it was not possible to denotify.

However, Siddaramaiah wrote a second time to the BDA commissioner and instructed him to verify and discuss. After all these developments, BDA Commissioner wrote to the tahsildar instructing him to write a Pahani in the name of Jayalakshmamma. Puttaswamy alleges there is a possibility of illegality here.

It is suspicious that 37 years after the SC issued the verdict with regard to Syed Bashid’s case, Jayalakshmamma and others went to court.  Taking GPA from her and carrying out the procedure gives raise to suspicion Puttaswamy alleged.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated that when he has not undertaken any denotification how can there be illegality? BJP is trying to defame me as elections are fast approaching, he said. Speaking to newspersons, he clarified that he has not undertaken any denotification as alleged by Puttaswamy. Even the public know that it is a false allegation and it will boomrang to BJP, he said. “I am also a lawyer, I know everything. We will file a defamation case” he said.

Meanwhile, Keertiraj Shetty has denied any involvement in any denotification incident and threatened to sue Puttaswamy for defamation.  He issued a statement through his lawyer to Puttaswamy that the allegation made by him is totally baseless. The denotification has been done according to orders issued by High Court. There is no illegality observed. Unnecessarily for political gains his name has been dragged, Keerti Shetty said.