Actress Anupama Gowda, who is currently in the Bigg Boss house in season 5 of the reality show is married. This information was given by Anupama herself while talking to a contestant inside the house. Is this a controversy gimmick or reality, only Anupama can confirm that too once she completes the Bigg Boss game.

Anupama was talking to another contestant Riyaz when she said that she was married two years ago. So far there was news that she was in love with another contestant in Bigg Boss show, Jagannath (Jagga).

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However, this news has surely surprised many as she never revealed that whom she was married to?

However, Anupama even showed her palm to Jayashrinivasan, who is a numerologist. Seeing her hand for a while, he declared that Anupama is not married.

But Anupama said that she is married and that to she tied the knots two years ago. Riyaz and JK too said that they always thought that Anupama was married.

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But none of them spoke anything about Anupama's husband.

Thus, this also might be a part of reality show (task) or might be the reality of her life. But too know what is real, one should wait for Anupama to come out of Bigg Boss or win Bigg Boss title and come out of the house.

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