In a massive anti-encroachment drive, the Revenue Department was able to recover 70 acres of land worth over Rs 420 crore in different area. The Deputy Commissioner V Shankar told Asianet News Newsable that the encroachers are landlords engaged in farming and people pumped up borewells, had taken the government land by falsely claiming it to be theirs.

The encroachers put their survey numbers to the government land and even built fences. The largest recovery was at Bengaluru South Taluk near Rajarajeshwari Nagar were lands measuring 20 acres have been encroached by 22 persons. The land here falls under prime property category as there is an engineering college and has Cauvery water supply.

The land bearing survey number 22 of Channasandra Village falls under ‘Karab’ category is worth Rs 300 crores. The land sharks had used the survey number of one genuine land owner who stays next to the disputed land. The same survey number was used to take away government land. One of the encroachers had even drilled a borewell and using it to supply drinking water. Another encroacher has built a gas cylinder godown.

 “There were few innocent people who have put up structures measuring 20x20 sq.ft. Under the Akrama-Sakrama the BPL families and genuine families will be spared, and the 22 persons who got the notice from Tasildhar will be summoned before the court,” said Shivakumar M, Bengaluru South Tasildhar.

The lands in Bengaluru South are always under threat as there is a good real estate value, the home buyers are advised to check any documents pertaining to buying sites or moving into an apartment, he advised.

Similarly, in Bengaluru North Additional Taluk, government land measuring 33 acres from 21 people was recovered. The land value here is picking up as International Airport is close by and hence land sharks use poor agriculture farmers to give their land papers and forge the records.

“The forged records are used to fence government land as theirs. First, the encroachers will continue to do agriculture and later will sell it to innocent developers and home buyers. It is better to always check the land record and survey number with the revenue office. Within few minutes the revenue officers will be able to give details of the land. If the land belongs to government or if it under litigation a home buyer will be alerted,” said BR Manjunath, Tasildhar,  Bengaluru North Additional Taluk

The revenue department also recovered around 12 acres worth Rs 14 crores from Anekal, and about 3 acres in Bengaluru East Taluk. This encroachment is by and large by local farmers for agriculture purpose. All the encroachers were served notice in advance and on Saturday when the court was on leave, the officers and special task force and jurisdictional police were informed to line up early in the morning to prevent any clashes and within few hours the government land was recovered and revenue department has erected its board.