Bengaluru astrologer convinces Dell store in-charge to steal 1000 laptops, sells it all for Rs 58 lakhs

First Published 11, Oct 2017, 10:46 PM IST
Bengaluru astrologer convinces Dell store incharge to steal 1000 laptops sells it all for Rs 58 lakhs
  • A Bengaluru man approached an astrologer to help him rid of the bad omen.
  • He, however,  received a rather unconventional advice.
  • And thanks to that he and also now the astrologer both are cooling their heels in the jail.
In a rather bizarre incident,  a Dell store-incharge robbed his store on the advice of a self-styled godman and astrologer, who told him that he would then be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi, the bringer of wealth and prosperity. 
Dhamodharan, a resident of KS Garden and store in-charge at Supertron Electronics Private Limited which deals with Dell computers monitors suffered from heart ailments and often complained about joint pain. 
On the insistence of his family, Dhamodharan visited Krishnaraju, his family astrologer. Dhamodharan expected the swami to guide based on his planetary position and their influence. But the astrologer instead suggested that he should rob the office and make a fortune from that.
Without much thought to such stupid suggestions, Dhamodharan decided to take dell monitors and sell it. He sought swamis help, and on August 3, the truckload containing monitor from Tamil Nadu was routed to Swami's relative Rajendran's home in Bengaluru. In all, Dhamodharan stole 1000 monitors worth whopping Rs 58 lakh rupees.
He also took the help of Seenu and Saravana, for which Dhamodharan paid them Rs 2 lakh each. The company had no clue about the issue until few customers who purchased the laptops from SP Road called up the office to inform about Dell computer laptops being sold at dead cheap rates. 
Based on this information, the company officials approached police and soon the police identified Dhamodharan as the main culprit. Further investigations revealed that swami Krishnaraju was the inspiration behind this robbery.
Police also arrested Krishnaraju and his brother in law Ramdas for helping Dhamodhar in stealing monitors. The police have seized Rs 40 lakhs worth 671 monitors and have recovered cash worth 10.49 lakhs. However Rajendran relative of Dhamodharan is still at large