Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who has already declared that the 2018 election would be his last, may find the going tough as the elections are fast approaching. Siddaramaiah's one-time friends and former ministers - V Srinivas Prasad and H Vishwanath - have now turned foes to ensure his defeat this election.

The duo along is reportedly holding secret meetings along with JD(S) MLA GT Deve Gowda at Prasad's residence in Mysuru. While Srinivas Prasad is a BJP leader, AH Vishwanath is a JD(S) leader. Quoting sources, Kannada Prabha reported that the trio is brain storming to defeat Siddaramaiah this election.

Of late, Vishwanath and Srinivas Prasad are holding a series of press meets attacking Siddaramaiah. They were even joined by former minister and JD(S) MLA GT Deve Gowda at one.

It may be recalled here that JD(S) MLA GT Deve Gowda has openly challenged Siddaramaiah to face him in the Chamundeshwari Assembly constituency in Mysuru district. Their meeting gains significance as political circles are abuzz with the rumours of a secret alliance between JD(S) and BJP to defeat Siddaramaiah, reports Kannada Prabha.

Early this year, former Union minister V Srinivas Prasad had quit the Congress party after he expressed his unhappiness over the way Chief Minister Siddaramaiah sidelined him. He had famously said that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah betrayed him like 'Brutus' when Prasad had given the latter a much-needed support in the party.  Prasad later joined the Saffron brigade. He was followed by former minister and prominent Kuruba leader AH Vishwanath.

Vishwanath, a prominent face in Mysuru politics was the Congress MP. Long before Siddaramaiah joined Congress, Vishwanath was associated with the Congress party for over 40 years. However, over the years (after Siddaramaiah became a chief minister) Vishwanath had openly criticised the Siddaramaiah government.  He quit the party in June claiming he was resigning from "Siddaramaiah's Congress." Vishwanath had joined JD(S).

When asked about the "secret" meeting, GT Deve Gowda said, "I have known Srinivas Prasad since 1976. I have great respect for him. During many elections, he has campaigned in favour me. I met him to discuss the next poll strategy. We both (JD(S) and BJP) share the same goal that of Congress-free Karnataka. The meeting was all about that," reports Kannada Prabha.