The most awaited and controversial Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Amendment Bill is all set to be tabled in the Belagavi session today (November 21). Suvarna News has the draft of the bill and here is what is likely to be proposed through the bill today.

1) No inclusion of sentencing doctors to jail term

2) Even if there is any negligence from the part of doctors, they will not be jailed

3) Grievance Redressal Committee to look into and probe the cases of doctors who are alleged of neglecting their duties

4) The Grievance Redressal Committee does not have the power to sentence doctors to jail

5) There is  no point on preparing universal rate card for all hospitals (in the State)

6) The rate will be decided based on the place the hospital is situated, the facilities they provide and after consulting with the doctors concerned

7) District Medical Officer and a doctor of the private hospital will be the member of Grievance Redressal Committee

8) Neither the private doctors nor patients cannot have a lawyer plead their case, both of them should approach the Committee on their own