A 65-year-old man was trying to rape an 11-year-old girl inside the toilet when she shouted out loud, and the neighbours rescued her.

The man is identified as Nagappa. The incident occurred in the Anekal Police Station Limits. The man started talking to the girl and asked her to help him get a stone to set the toilet right.

The girl is her neighbour's daughter and knew Nagappa well. So she did not doubt her motifs and agreed to help him lift the stone. The man took a chance and got her inside the toilet and started abusing her sexually.

The girl shouted for help, when the neighbours rushed inside the house, caught Nagapppa red handed and rescued the girl.

Then on the advice of the people of the village, a panchayat was called where village leaders spoke and tried to sort the matter out. But as no action was initiated, the girl's parents filed a case against Nagappa in the Anekal Police Station.

Nagappa has been arrested by the police. He has been booked under POCSO, and the police are interrogating him.

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