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Gadag murder case: Son gave 'supari' to kill parents, hitmen murders 3 guests instead in Karnataka

In Gadag City, Karnataka, a shocking murder unfolded in Dasara Gully, involving prominent council member Prakash Bakale's family and guests. Investigation revealed Bakale's elder son, Vinayak, orchestrated the crime, allegedly motivated by familial disputes. The hired assassins missed their targets, killing three guests instead. Police swiftly apprehended the suspects for interrogation.

Karnataka: Son hires hitmen to kill own family at Gadag; Supari killers murder guests instead vkp
First Published Apr 23, 2024, 4:32 PM IST

Dasara Gully in Gadag City, Karnataka, was thrown into disruption as news broke out regarding the heinous murder of four individuals in their own home. What initially seemed like a targeted attack on a prominent municipal council member, Prakash Bakale, and his family, has taken a chilling turn with revelations of familial betrayal and hired assassins.

The victims of this gruesome act were identified as Karthik Bakale (28), Parasurama Hadimani (55), his wife Lakshmi Hadimani (45), and their daughter Akanksha Hadimani (16). Shockingly, investigations have revealed that the orchestrator behind this macabre scheme was none other than Prakash Bakale's blood – his elder son, Vinayak Bakale.

Karnataka horror: Four family members brutally killed in their sleep in Gadag

Vinayak Bakale allegedly contracted hitmen from Maharashtra to carry out the sinister deed, presumably motivated by internal familial disputes, particularly concerning property distribution. However, the hired assassins missed their intended targets and instead inflicted fatal harm upon three unsuspecting guests who were present in the house.

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The horrific incident unfolded in the early hours of Friday morning when the assailants forcefully entered the Bakale residence, launching a merciless assault. While Karthik Bakale, who was sleeping on the ground floor, fell victim to the attackers, the family members of Parasurama Hadimani, who were resting on the first floor, also faced the wrath of the intruders.

Following the execution of their nefarious deed, the perpetrators callously discarded the murder weapons, tossing them into the backyard before fleeing the scene. The victims, Parasurama Hadimani, Lakshmi Hadimani, and their daughter Akanksha, hailed from Koppal and had arrived in Gadag city on April 17 to partake in the joyous occasion of Karthik Bakale's engagement ceremony. In response to the ghastly crime, the Gadag police swiftly apprehended the accused individuals and initiated rigorous interrogation procedures to unravel the full extent of the conspiracy.

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