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Karnataka: 'Scotland of India', Kodagu grapples with excessive heat; Records 35 degrees Celsius!

Kodagu district, known as the "Scotland of India," faces an unprecedented heatwave with temperatures soaring to 35°C. The usual cool climate and abundant rainfall have given way to severe drought, leaving landscapes parched. Residents combat the heat by consuming watermelon and refreshing beverages. Concerns rise as the absence of rain depletes water sources and raises fears of even hotter summer months ahead.

Karnataka: 'Scotland of India' Kodagu grapples with excessive heat; Records 35 degrees Celsius! vkp
First Published Apr 8, 2024, 12:44 PM IST

Residents of Kodagu district, often dubbed as the "Scotland of India" for its lush greenery and cool climate, are currently grappling with an unusual heatwave as temperatures soar to 35 degrees Celsius. Once known for its abundant rainfall and fog-covered hills, the district is now experiencing a severe drought, leaving its scenic landscapes parched and its residents sweltering under the scorching sun.

Traditionally, Kodagu district, also known as Coorg, enjoyed moderate temperatures ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, thanks to ample rainfall that kept the region cool and foggy throughout the year. However, this year's acute water shortage has transformed the district into a hot and arid terrain, devoid of its usual cloud cover and mist.

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The absence of rainfall has led to the depletion of reservoirs, rivers, and streams, leaving the land dry and barren. With daily temperatures consistently reaching 34 to 35 degrees Celsius, residents find it challenging to venture outdoors, fearing the intense heat. Even simple tasks like buying groceries or commuting to work have become daunting endeavours, prompting many to stay indoors or seek refuge under umbrellas when stepping outside.

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To combat the oppressive heat, residents have turned to consuming watermelon and other fruits with high water content, as well as indulging in fresh water and ice creams in large quantities. The demand for refreshing beverages has surged, with local vendors reporting a significant increase in sales.

Traders and residents alike express astonishment at the intensity of the heatwave, noting that such extreme weather conditions are unprecedented in their experience. Typically, monsoon rains would have arrived by March, providing relief from the heat. However, as the first week of April passes without a drop of rain, concerns mount about the impending summer months and the likelihood of temperatures rising even further.

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