The Indore-Patna express tragedy has claimed at least 133 people’s lives and several are severely injured on Sunday. This incident is being termed as one of the worst in the last six years and why won’t it be.


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has initiated a high-level inquiry and is awaiting the reports. 


But why is it that a probe initiates only after lives of hundreds of innocents are lost? The railway ministry seems to have not learnt from their mistakes in the past and here we are again experiencing yet another tragedy, which is worst in the last six years.


The questions that popped out after the incident that how did this massacre even happen despite several inspection of the railway tracks? Was it because of the cracks for which at least 14 coaches were derailed, with S1 and S2 telescoping into each other?


Improper fittings in the tracks can cause them to crack when the weather change happens. If this be the case, why was not there a proper inspection on a busy track like this?


If this incident is a consequence of cracks on the tracks, then it has happened due to the sheer carelessness of the inspection personnel.


An unnamed railway officer even told the media that it happened because of the cracks in the tracks.


Currently, several relief teams are working to get the situation under control. Rescue and relief operation will continue until the 90 army personnel make sure that no one else is trapped under the debris.