Once again, posters bearing the names of Trinamool leaders were found in Burdwan. Not just in one place, posters have been read in several places. The poster alleges that the government has squandered the money of the poor. The poster written in red ink on white paper demands the money of the poor. The incident has caused a stir in the area. 

The incident took place in Uchchgram, block number one of Gholsi in East Burdwan. There have been allegations against the government for not proving the grant of housing schemes to the villagers. The money allotted for the needy gets squandered. Therefore, the villagers started to protest. 

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The poster, written in red ink on white paper, alleges that the people were deprived of government grants. In the poster, the contractor has been asked to account for corruption in various projects. 

On the other hand, the names of Trinamool leaders like Saroj Chakraborty and Akkel Ali was found in the posters. This poster written in red ink has been read in various places including the village bus stand. 

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The Trinamool claimed that the opposition party has put this poster in the middle of the night. Local BJP leader Raju Patra retorted that the Trinamool party has themselves put up the posters. Trinamool leader Saroj Chakraborty also claimed that the poster was put to humiliate him.