A 25-year-old journalist, and another woman, were molested by a man at the ITO Metro station in New Delhi on Monday evening and it was only on Thursday that the culprit was finally nabbed

The women were using the subway of the metro station when Akhilesh Kumar, the accused, allegedly drunk, tried to grope the journalist. At first she thought it was by mistake but when he repeated his action, she tried to fight him and raise an alarm.

The journalist rued that had a security personnel been there she would have been able to catch him there itself, but he ran away. Finally through the help of CCTV footage in the metro station the cops were able to nab the accused. The other woman also complained of being groped by a similar looking man and when they investigated it was found to be the same man.

According to ANI reports the Patiala High Court has sent him to 14 days custody.