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BJP Sthapna Diwas: PM Modi hails fight against dynasty politics

Founded on April 6, 1980, the BJP grew to become the world's largest political party in 2015, with about 9 crore members – more than the Communist Party of China, which operates under a single-party system.

PM Modi addresses BJP workers on foundation day highlights gcw
New Delhi, First Published Apr 6, 2022, 10:38 AM IST

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday marked its 42nd anniversary. Founded on April 6, 1980, the BJP grew to become the world's largest political party in 2015, with about 9 crore members – more than the Communist Party of China, which operates under a single-party system. Not only is the ruling party the largest in terms of membership, but it is also the largest in terms of political characteristics such as the number of states it governs, the number of assembly members it has, and the number of MPs it has in the Lok Sabha.

Here are highlights from PM Modi's address: 

  • Taking a dig at the Opposition, PM Modi said, "For us, politics and national policy go hand in hand. But it is also true that there are still two types of politics going on in the country. One is politics of family patriotism, and the other is patriotism."
  • There are some political parties at the central level and in different states which work only for the interests of their families. In familial governments, the members of the family have control over the local body to the parliament, he added. He said, "These people may be in different states, but they remain connected by the strings of familyism. Covering each other's corruption."
  • Working for the upliftment of the poor, downtrodden, backward, women, these are the core values of our party, he said.
  • PM Modi: "In this nectar of independence, the resolution we have taken to take every scheme of saturation i.e. public welfare to 100 percent beneficiaries, is very vast. This campaign to reach saturation means- Eliminating all scope for discrimination, to eliminate fears of appeasement, to eliminate the tendency to profit on the basis of selfishness, and to ensure that government benefits reach the last person standing in the last row of the society."
  • "In our country for decades some political parties did only vote bank politics. Make promises to only a few people, keep most of the people craving, discrimination-corruption all this was a side effect of vote bank politics. But BJP has not only given competition to this vote bank politics, but has also been successful in explaining its disadvantages to the countrymen," he said.
  • He said with the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, we are getting everyone's trust. "We are working day and night for the development of the country," he added.
  • "Over the years, the country has seen that making life easier for its citizens has been the priority of the BJP governments, the double engine government."
  • India has accomplished the target of exporting products worth $ 400 billion i.e. thirty lakh crore rupees. Achieving such a big target in this time of Corona shows the capability of India, he added.
  • "Our government is working keeping the national interest paramount. Today the country also has policies, it is also fixed. Today the country has decision-making power as well as determination-power. Therefore, today we are setting goals, we are also fulfilling them," said PM Modi.
  • PM Modi said, "There was a time when people had accepted that be it a government of any party, nothing will be done for the country. There was despair. Today, every citizen of the country is proudly saying that the nation is changing and going ahead swiftly."
  • He further said there is such an India before the world that stands firm for its interests without any fear or pressure. When the entire world is divided into two rival factions, India is being viewed as a nation that can firmly speak about humanity.
  • He said, "This year's foundation day has taken on added significance for three reasons. First and foremost, we are commemorating 75 years of freedom; this is a significant opportunity for inspiration. Second, the global environment is fast changing; new chances for India are always emerging. Third, the BJP's double-engine government just retook power in four states. After three decades, a party has reached the landmark of 100 Rajya Sabha members."
  • PM Modi: The fifth day of Navratri has arrived. Today, we honour Maa Skandamata. We've seen her seated on a Lotus throne while holding Lotus flowers in both hands. I wish that her blessings continue to be bestowed onto every BJP citizen and worker:
  • Today, on the 42nd anniversary of the BJP's founding, we must also commemorate those who marched with the 'Oil Lamp' from the Jana Sangha era and afterwards with the 'Lotus'. Three-four generations dedicated themselves to making the party glorious: JP Nadda
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