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Amit Shah ‘the other man’ destroying Yadav clan unity?

  • SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav had ousted son Akhilesh (CM of UP) from the party on Friday
  • After party leader Azam Kahn held meeting with both, now Akhilesh has been reinstated
  • Conspiracy theories say BJP’s Amit Shah paled vital role in bringing rift between father and son
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The father (Mulayam) was seen shouting at and taunting Akhilesh publically on various occasions since 2014. Their fight reached the peak on Friday when Mulayam suspended son Akhilesh and his brother Ram Gopal Yadav from the party.


It looks like t didn’t take much time for Mulayam to realise that Akhilesh holds the majority and is much popular than himself in the UP. Now, the father-son duo is back together, with the senior leading the party and junior leading the state.


According to sources, as on Friday, the Akhilesh's group had 171 sitting MLAs with them and Shivpal Singh supporting Mulayam had 176. Including the Congress MLAs (28) and Rashtriya Lok Dal (9) ready to support Akhilesh, the number of supporters to the chief minister comes to 208.


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Meanwhile, the SP’s veteran leader Azam Khan is said to have brought the father and son together. Here comes Amit Shah in the picture because Mulayam Singh Yadav was all eyes and ears for whatever Amit Shah had said. He wanted an ally with the BJP.


But Akhilesh wanted to take decisions for the party without any intrusion from other parties. However, he was even ready to take the support of Congressmen but did not want to grow closer to the BJP. This is said to have led to differences between the father and son.


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BJP had tried to play the same tricks in Tamil Nadu, post-Jayalalithaa death. As long as she was alive, BJP couldn’t even dream of making its presence felt in the state. But the BJP leaders made it sure to talk to the AIADMK supporters and helped elect Panneerselvam as the chief minister. But the party could not stay for a long time as they chose the party unity above all and unanimously chose Sasikala to be the party chief.


Whatever, the consequences of choosing Sasikala into the post are, but Tamil Nadu made it clear that AIADMK is still one and no one can make their inroads into the state, no matter how popular they are.


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Coming back to UP and the Yadav clan infighting, one of the conspiracy theories say that Mulayam was offered the post of President or Vice President if he supported BJP in the state.


With Azam Khan’s interference, Akhilesh coming back in the party is a major setback to the BJP. But one cannot rule out Mulayam’s dream to be in the national politics.


 Considering the earlier speeches of Mulayam Singh, it is clear that he always dreamt of being in Delhi. Sources also say that he appointed his son as the Chief Minister (candidate) as he wanted to concentrate on his reaching Delhi mission.


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On one of the occasions in 2014, Mulayam was addressing the people and said, “I wanted to go to Delhi, but we got only five seats (referring to the results of 2014 Lok Sabha elections). Why didn’t we get more seats? I have asked for a report, but have not got anything so far.” This was the way he took Akhilesh to task publically.


During another speech, Mulayam was again taunting Akhilesh for poor governance and the latter was seen talking to one of the leaders on the dais, when Mulayam shouted, “Abey Chup”.


The matter got worse when recently Akhilesh announced a separate list of candidates to fight the upcoming UP elections. Mulayam was angry that his son did not consult him nor agreed on the list he had prepared.


When looked deeply into the matter, it looks like Mulayam still wants to hold on to power and wants his son to operate like his shadow. If Mulayam’s list is full of people having ‘records’, Akhilesh aims at changing the face of UP from a goonda state. All his development-related programmes, including helpline for women, were not backed by the father.


Mulayam just refuses to bring any change in the way of politics in the UP. He needs to be in the centre and wants Akhilesh to rule in his name.


The best example for Mulayam wanting the cake as well as icing is Mulayam Singh’s answer to one of the journalists at a meeting on Thursday. The journalist made a statement that- A senior leader of the party has said that the elderly don’t dream, only youngsters dream- to which Mulayam’s answer was “Am I elderly? Do I look elderly to you?”


For now, it looks like, despite differences the father and son duo has agreed to work together for the party’s sake. In fact, Mulayam’s dream of going into the national politics can only be a reality, when the SP is on the winning stride.


Thus, it looks like the Unity is the new mantra of the major political parties in the states!

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