In 2014, the life of two individuals changed one is Prime Minister Narendra Modi and second is Mumbai-based businessman Vikas Mahante who is the doppelganger of the former. Mahante will be playing PM Modi in a film titled, Modi ka Gaon, based on various initiatives by the PM.

Mahante is in his mid-fifties and has his business in Palghar district of Mumbai. He stated that he feels proud to portrait the role of the current Prime Minister in a movie directed by Tushar Amrish Goel and produced by Suresh Jha. Modi ka Gaon is being shot in Mumbai and Bihar, and it will be ready for release in next two to three months. 


As a PM Modi lookalike, Mahante is drawing a lot of attention as people surround him to get a selfie clicked and he is happy to oblige. The self-proclaimed Swachh Bharat Abhiyan fan, Mahante is also invited to various functions and business events where he speaks like Modi.